What is your emotional safety net?

What is your emotional safety net?

Emotions play an important role in our lives. It can affect how we react to certain situations and influence the decisions we make about our lives, both large and small. While some can cope with adversities in their life, there are others that struggle to overcome it.

Having a ‘safe place’ or safety net, where we can rely on something or someone to cushion the impact, allows us to handle our emotions better. It is inevitable that at some point of our life, we will experience some sort of turmoil or event that can cause us to feel grief, sadness, stress or even depression. This is where the emotional and moral support from loved ones, friends or even professionals plays a crucial part in guiding us to navigate smoothly out of those difficult situations.

Loved ones as your safety net (Comfort of your loved ones)

Most of us have known the feeling of being safe in the arms of loved ones. Your spouse provided the space for you to rant about your day at work or going back home to the comfort of the lovely home-cooked meals by your parents to warm your heart. These little things allow us to look forward of being with your loved ones at the end of the day, to motivate you to persevere on and ride through any challenges you might have faced. Simple questions such as “how’s your day?” or “how can I cheer you up?” can have a positive impact on emotions.

Availability of professional help as safety net

It is normal to feel low and depressed every now and then. But there is a need to know when the depressive state has reached a point where professional help is needed. If it is affecting your ability to function at work and school or causing your relationships around you to strain, it is advisable to seek help. Those who do not have the luxury of having a loved one to provide you with the comfort or listening ears, may also do so by seeking professional help from counsellors, therapist or social worker. Help will always be available as long as we keep our mind and heart open. 

Having/creating your own comfortable safety net

To have good emotional health from within, it is important to take care of your mind and body by having regular routine by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, or exercise to release any pent-up tension. Avoid giving yourself too much pressure which can cause overwhelming emotions. For example, the idea of being a perfectionist employee, where your mind has created this perception of the need to complete everything on time, staying back late at work or the strict targets or goals you have set upon yourself. You might belittle yourself should you not fulfil one of your own targets and hence will affect your confidence and your emotions to perform due to the fear of failing. It is important to know that not everyone is perfect and it is perfectly fine to make a mistake. You just need to pace yourself and know which way work best for you.

Our emotions can be complex but the way and we react to our emotions can either be detrimental, or it can empower us to react positively to the situation and learn the best way to cope with our emotions. We can choose the way we react instead of letting emotions influence them to do or say things we later regret. It is always advisable not to react to emotions immediately but have a talk with someone or do a reflection before reacting to them. You might not be able to control the emotions you experience in life. But you can choose how to react to them.

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