What can I do to help a child with communication and speech disorder?

What can I do to help a child with communication and speech disorder?
As adults, we often take our ability to speak and communicate for granted. We just don’t think about our language and speech as it happens quite naturally. However, young children with communication and speech disorders may not speak at all, or have limited vocabulary for their age. By the time they enter school, they can speak but in a limited and diminished capacity for their age and development. They might have a hard time receiving, processing, sending and comprehending verbal and nonverbal communication. As a result, this can contribute greatly to them falling behind their peers in speech and language skills.

They will have difficulty engaging peer group conversations and giving them less opportunity to acquire the necessary social skills.
As a Speech Therapist Assistant, you will be able to assist people with speech, swallowing, language and communications problems. Communication disorders may include difficulties in speech, language, voice and reading. Swallowing disorders may result from medical conditions such as stroke, cancer or respiratory diseases.
Speech therapy also helps:
  • Improve the child’s vocal quality
  • Develops their social skills
  • Improves their quality of life
There are many benefits of speech therapy for children with communications difficulties or swallowing disorders. Speech therapy helps to exercise the muscles involved with speech in order to strengthen the child’s ability to speak coherently. It helps the child properly express themselves, their feelings, and ideas. Ultimately this will help the child engage with their peer, their school, and improve their overall quality of life.

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