Understanding emotional meltdowns

Understanding emotional meltdowns

Emotions are the core of what it means to be human. Emotions give meaning to all the events, people, and objects in our lives. Without emotions, we would not be able to connect, form friendships, have empathy or sympathy.

As important as emotions are to us, sometimes they can take us down a path that is unhealthy and destructive.

What exactly is an emotional meltdown?

An emotional meltdown is the result of severe, overwhelming emotional distress. Symptoms can range from uncontrollable crying and weeping, or uncontrollable rage. It can also be more prolonged and lead to depression, severe anxiety, and can cause your moods to swing wildly.

This is an extreme emotional state that is often overlooked or brushed off because of how wide-ranging the symptoms are, and how difficult it is to accept and deal with.

For the person having the meltdown, it is not a pleasant experience either; with many people feeling a great deal of regret and guilt over not having any control over their own emotional state, or their outbursts.

Emotional meltdowns can happen at home, at work, or even out in public. What triggers one person may not trigger another, but some situations do tend to trigger our more extreme emotional states.

Being overloaded with work in the office or at home

The sheer amount of things you sometimes have to deal with can often be completely overwhelming. Some people may describe it as feeling like they are drowning, and it triggers a severe emotional response.

Big life changes

We are all creatures of habit. We like knowing there are certainties in our lives. This is why everyone works so hard to build a stable life for themselves. Life does change, but it often changes gradually. Sometimes, a larger change might happen that you are not willing to yet deal with or unable to handle psychologically and emotionally.

A loss of family member, a divorce, moving to a new city or country are all big changes in life that can overwhelm even the most sure and most stable of us. Big changes bring about a higher degree of uncertainty and instability.

Emotions are what make us human, but sometimes, they can become so extreme that it leaves us in a state of panic, guilt, fear, or uncertainty. How often do people truly sit down to think about how they actually feel, why they feel that way, and what they can do about it?

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