Uncovering the special talents of your child

Uncovering the special talents of your child

Special Needs children are not just misunderstood, but often they are misjudged and underestimated on their abilities. The reason for this is simple enough. Special Needs children can have a range of learning disabilities and often require personalised learning plans and teaching methods. However, if you are trying to uncover the special talents of your child, underestimating them may make you miss their unique talents.

Did you know?

Special Education
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most gifted composer; but he was incredibly sensitive to sound and had other social issues – a tell-tale sign of autism spectrum disorder.

Special Education
The Starry Night, 1889 – Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh had a learning disability and was dyslexic. His paintings were some of the most prominent and influential to the art world.

There are two main ways for parents and educators to discover their child’s talent. They may be simple but require some personal and time investment.

Spend quality time with the child.

Get to know the child at the child’s level. Whether you play with the child, read with the child, talk with the child, or just watch them playing, you can learn a lot about what the child likes, dislikes, what they may be comfortable doing and what they may aspire to do. Some may like to draw or paint, others may like to make things, while others may have an aptitude for music.

Finding ways to support their interests can be critical to how the child discovers their own talents and how they develop those talents. You may need to look into courses, or develop your own activities around the interest of the child.

Equip yourself with the right knowledge.

For educators, gaining more knowledge and learning new techniques and methods can help you to more effectively develop activities and programmes to support children under your care. For parents, this can give you a wealth of knowledge about your child and their special and specific needs.

Each child is different and have their own needs and difficulties; but also they have their own special and unique talents. Children need adequate time, consideration, encouragement, and support. Equally, parents and educators can benefit greatly from taking the time to develop themselves in order to better support the needs of the child.

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