The silent enemy

The silent enemy

Over the last year, many of us would have heard and read about the many high profile suicides of stars and celebrity. Things like this send shockwaves across the world. It’s tragic and shocking to hear about highly successful people with everything they could ever want succumbing to their inner demons due to depression.

People are often shocked because depression hides in plain sight. People can look happy, seem content, and project well-being; yet the finality of suicide says otherwise.

It leaves us with many difficult questions to figure out.

  • How did people close to them miss all the warning signs?
  • Is it that easy to fake being happy?
  • Is it that easy to hide emotional hurt and turmoil?
  • If we can’t even see how our heroes hurt, how are we able to even see our own friends and family hurting?

Depression is the silent killer. Though some people may be more predisposed to depression than others, it mostly creeps in through seemingly innocuous every day events. Sometimes it is the accumulated build-up of ill spoken words received, or being ignored one too many times, or sometimes it finds its way to us when we are at our weakest point in life. Maybe we lost a job or loved ones, or from a failed relationship. Sometimes it’s the perceived negative judgement of our peers, and sometimes it’s our own judgement of ourselves.

These things pick at us, work against our self esteem and self-worth; and it happens in the background. It will affect us in real ways.

The signs of clinical depression are:

  • Constant restlessness, insomnia, and even oversleep
  • Overly pessimistic outlook and perspective
  • A deep sense of helplessness and guilt
  • An inability to engage in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Extended period of withdrawal from close friends and family

Depressed people give hints about their condition but often, it is subtle, and easily misread or ignored because it looks innocuous or looks just like our daily mood changes. The signs are there, even if hidden in plain sight; but figuring it out is more difficult than it seems. By the time we say how we should have seen it all along, it may already be too late.

Keep a watch over each other. Don’t be too quick to dismiss the signals. It may or may not be a sign but it’s best to be vigilant. If you think someone needs help, get them the counselling that they need. Often, even they don’t know they need the help.

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