Special Education

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special needs, special education, wsq
If you’re looking to start your career in the special education industry or may be exploring a mid-career change and

special needs, special education
Dyspraxia is a neurological condition that affects a child's physical coordination and movement. It's also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder

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Early childhood intervention is an educational and support system for young children who have developmental delays or disabilities. It also

special needs, special education
Let's face it, children aren't always easy to understand. There is a tendency among adults to assume children are simpler

special education, special needs
Dyslexia is the most common learning disability affecting up to 10% of the population; yet misconceptions and myths run rampant.

special needs, special education
It’s not simple or easy to determine if a child has a learning disability. Many otherwise normal behaviours can sometimes

Play Therapy
Some people may think that Play Therapy is just children playing with toys and having fun, but it’s important to

play therapy, special needs, special education
Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy and counselling that allows children experiencing loss, trauma, emotional, or behavioural issues to

wsq, special needs, special education
If you’re exploring a mid-career change and want to work with children, College of Allied Educators provides a series of