Rage vs Anger

Rage vs Anger

Anger is an emotional state of aggression and hostility towards someone or something. Most people tend to think that also describes rage so they must be the same thing. It is but it’s also not quite so straight forward.

Rage is best described as a fit of violent anger and fury. It is the most extreme expression of anger. Anger can actually be good and lead to positive outcomes either by acting as a motivator to perform and succeed or acting as a means to overcome some personal difficulties. Rage is excessive anger that is often violent.

Rage can be physically violent.

  • It can drive someone to physically attack another person.
  • It can make a person throw objects or destroy property.
  • It can often drive people to hurt other people emotionally.

Rage can be verbally and emotionally violent.

  •  It can drive someone to verbally abuse their friends, family, colleagues, or strangers.
Though more rare, rage can also be expressed inwards; and instead of external destruction, people who internalise their rage destroy themselves. It can lead to hate and self harm. Eventually though, this too will bubble up and be expressed externally in some way. It is never healthy to keep emotions bottled up; particularly one as extreme as anger and rage.
Rage is extreme and scary when experienced from others; but we are all quite capable of it. For many people, they have likely experienced this and felt completely out of control afterwards. Some have described it as “seeing red” where conscious decision making goes out the window, and actions are no longer in your own control. So it is scary even when we experience rage ourselves.
What exactly triggers rage is so specific to the individual there’s no way to list down anything specific. Each person has a trigger that can lead to anger and rage; and it is entirely up to them to try to figure themselves out. Maybe you’ve experienced excessive anger and rage. Did you understand why and did you know how to deal with it?


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