Positivity is attractive

Positivity is attractive

Think about all the times someone was unexpectedly friendly or nice to you. Maybe it’s that person that smiles at you in the morning. Maybe it’s a cheerful good morning even when nothing is said first. Maybe it’s the person that strikes up a conversation and pays you an unexpected compliment.

These are the kinds of things that stick with you and make your day a little better, even when things in the rest of your life seem pretty bleak. These are the kinds of positive actions that people are innately attracted to and want to be around.

  • Positivity is presenting positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to others in life.
    It does not mean that the person is happy all the time; that is almost impossible with how life is. Everyone will experience sadness, loss, or hardship in their lives at some point. That’s just a fact. But while pain is mandatory in life, suffering is optional. You can take care of yourself and present a message of optimism and positivity to the world. That makes an impact to yourself and to others around you.
  • People are more likely to respond to, feel connected to, and remember the person that was pleasant and happy.
    This means that positivity produces results and grows relationships with others. New and stronger relationships will help combat loneliness and depression and provide amazing opportunities for us to learn and grow.
  • Positivity is about the behavior, what we do, for the most part.
    We are not always going to be happy or cheerful, and some days we will feel downright sad and mean; but that does not mean we have to act that way. We can choose how to act, in spite of our emotions. And that is what we will bring people to us, and what brings us to other people; by acting in a positive manner. People want to be and need to be around someone that can act upbeat and does not let the tough times drag them down.

When looking at what to do, it can be hard to smile even though we do not feel like it. It is sometimes hard to compliment someone at random, even when we might feel we hate the world. The truth about behaviors and emotions is that we can act any way we want no matter what we feel. If we give the person in line in front of us at the bank a feel-good compliment, we make them feel better, and us as well.

The phrase ‘fake it until you make it’ has existed for a long time. Being positive is not about faking it. It’s about acting how you want, and how that will attract others to you. It’s about making the conscious decision to act upbeat. And you will find, in the end, that acting positive will have a tremendous impact on others but also deeply affects how you feel as well.

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