My nightmares are haunting me!

My nightmares are haunting me!

Nightmares are common. They are generally unpleasant but can be forgotten and ignored once you wake up. What is a sign of some bigger problem is when the nightmares are persistent or recurring.

Most people have the impression that nightmares are dramatic and terrifying. Images of monsters, ghosts, and demons are some of the most popular referenced by pop culture. However, this is not always the case. Nightmares can be relatively mundane things.

It could be a scene where you order a meal at a fast food restaurant and the cashier has a funny look on their face. In the current climate with Covid-19 and the global pandemic, a nightmare can be quite wide ranging.

  • You might dream about going to buy something but not having enough money in your pocket. That can be a nightmare.
  • You might dream about going out in public but nobody wants to talk to you. That can be a nightmare.
  • You can dream about someone coughing on you. That can be a nightmare.

The content of the nightmare can be quite tame and pedestrian, but the terror and fright may be very real because of how each person interprets their dreams and the deeper meaning of those dreams. While there are things that universally incite fear in people when they dream, for the most part, it is personal.

  • You might be waking up in a cold sweat because not having money in your pocket is a reflection of the uncertainty over your career and finances.
  • You might be feeling ostracised and rejected when you dream about people ignoring you. This could be a reflection of your own sense of self-worth and desire to be accepted.
  • You might be living in fear of getting infected and dream about it either directly or indirectly. It could be someone coughing on you or it could be someone who just makes you uneasy in the dream.

Anything can trigger a nightmare, but emotional and psychological trauma can trigger these uncomfortable dreams. High anxiety can send your dreams into a nightmare state. Unresolved problems in your day that builds up over time can express itself in your dreams and nightmares. These can negatively affect the quality of your sleep and drain your energy as well as negatively affect your overall well-being.

What do you do about these nightmares, and what if someone you know is suffering from them?

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