Make anger work for you

Make anger work for you

Anger is one of the most aggressive emotional states we can experience. When you get angry, you are experiencing aggression and hostility towards something or someone. It can range from relatively mild to intense aggression and hostility. Often this emotion erupts over a perceived or real threat or trespass against you. Other times you get angry because things haven’t gone your way, or the way you expected them to.

This is an emotion that brings with it a sense of discomfort for everyone around.

Anger can be bad

  • Maybe it made you say something really awful to a family or friend.
  • Maybe it made you shout at someone.
  • Maybe it caused ill feelings with friends or colleagues.

This often makes it difficult to think there might be anything positive about anger, but there is.

Anger can be good

  • In some cases, anger can sometimes help you focus.
  • Anger can drive you to push your limits & work harder.
  • Anger can often act as a motivator towards your goals.

However, excessive anger can be destructive. Too much anger and you end up doing really bad things. Most people know this but not everyone has the ability or understanding to be able to manage and balance their emotions so it doesn’t get to this destructive state. They might feel it is out of their control. Perhaps they don’t even know exactly what it is that triggers them to anger.

Without understanding about what it is that is really making you angry, balancing an emotion like anger will be very difficult due to how explosive the emotion can be. When anger isn’t properly balanced and managed, it can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, regret, and maybe even permanently harm your relationships. 

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