How important is the role of a special needs educator?

How important is the role of a special needs educator?

The role of a special needs educator is a challenging but rewarding role to fill. The people who become special needs educators must overcome a great deal of personal challenges as well as the challenges of the job in order to ensure their students are living up to the best of their abilities. 

These challenges come from needing to personalise education plans, and ensuring each and every student learns in the manner that is best suited to them for them to develop and progress. There are many different kinds of learning disorders that their students may have, and the special needs educators must find some way to accommodate this for the child’s benefit. This requires a high degree of dedication, training, and care; with demand steadily growing for schools and educators.

In 2019, this is even more evident as children with special needs are required to attend school under the Compulsory Education Act..

Of the 5,500 children with moderate to severe special needs that will be attending the special education schools, 40% of them have autism, 40% have a learning disability, and another 20% with other disabilities. 
Source: Ministry of Education

The role of the special needs educator is an important one that requires patience, dedication, empathy, and a lot of learning from and for your students. As well, the ability to properly diagnose children is especially important. For example, is this a sign of a child with a disorder or are they just being playful?

  • Perpetually climbing on things
  • Does not follow simple instructions or directions
  • Fidgeting
  • Avoidance of tasks that take some time to complete
  • Difficulty paying attention

The nuances in behaviour become important as the education plan you put together will be developed to suit that particular child’s needs.

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