How do you keep the spark going?

How do you keep the spark going?

No one plans for a relationship to fall apart. We all want and believe they will last, but roughly 60% of all marriages will last, which tells us something about successful relationships. Here are some things that successful couples do that keeps the spark and romance alive; ensuring the relationship lasts.

Variety is the spice of life.
Relationships that are on autopilot and stagnant may often lead to boredom, and even depression. The answer is to mix it up so couples don’t take things for granted. Traditions are important but switch things around sometimes. Don’t do the same thing every weekend. Take a drive instead of watching TV. Have a quiet dinner out without the family, instead of family night at home. They don’t have to be big actions and activities. Making little changes and doing things differently from time to time will help keep the joy and excitement alive.

Happy, successful couples will do things together.
This does not mean doing household chores, unless that is what’s fun for the couple, but engaging in hobbies or enjoyable common activities together. Find things you have in common with them, and start building off of that. It may mean alternating between each other’s activities, but the key is to do something fun together as a couple.

An important key to keeping the spark going is physical intimacy.
This may seem obvious, but can often be forgotten, or set aside, when couples struggle or are stuck in a rut. Physical intimacy releases neurochemicals that serve as a natural antidepressant, helping to improve mood. It also increases bonding, and couples report themselves as being happier, and more committed to the relationship.

Although relationship do fail all the time, no one plans at the beginning for that to happen. There are things that anyone can do to help the relationship last longer, feel happier and more connected to each other.

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