Help your special needs child enjoy the holiday!

Help your special needs child enjoy the holiday!

The holidays may be a very rough, chaotic time for children with special needs. There are a lot of non-routine activities happening all around them all at once, with familiar and unfamiliar friends and families showing up. For many children with special needs, this can be excess stimuli.

Here’s one of the most powerful ways you can help them enjoy the holiday instead of experiencing it as a time of chaos and turmoil.


We recommend trying to pre-empt your child in advance of the holiday. Create lists and show children in advance the fun things that are coming next week and subsequent weeks. Make the planning of these holiday activities an event that the children are a part of. There are various ways you can do this but having the child make a physical activity list with you will help preempt the events for them. Give them tasks in preparation of each event. The list can then be posted up somewhere accessible and be referenced every day in preparation.

In this way, you can create a routine that makes the chaos of the holidays more predictable and manageable for your child.

College of Allied Educators has a range of courses to train you how to better understand and teach special needs children and children with learning disabilities so they can get the most out of life.

Advanced Diploma in Special Education

  • The 12-month Advanced Diploma in Special Education trains educators and parents in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of these needs and the basic principles and practices of effective teaching and learning. The programme is highly practice-oriented to ensure that what you learn in class can be applied to children with special needs under your charge.
  • The 6-month Diploma in Education (Special Needs) part-time programme provides an essential introduction to the various categories of exceptional children and educational programmes available. The course will also train you to confidently design and implement an Individualised Education Plan or IEP to aid in specific areas such as language and communications.
  • The 6-month Diploma in Disability Studies (DDIS) part-time programme is designed specifically to train potential candidates to teach children with a wide range of disabilities, including those with various degrees of intellectual, physical, behavioural, psychological, and sensory problems, or a combination of these.

Diploma in Learning Disorders Management


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