Fee protection scheme

College of Allied Educators has put into place the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to ensure that fees paid by students are protected as required by CPE for EduTrust certification. The FPS protects students fees in the event of the school being unable to continue operation for any reason, and protects the students in the event that CAE is unable to pay any penalties arising from Singapore court judgements against it.

The FPS is compulsory for all students and is applied to any programme with a duration of 50 hours and/or longer than one month. CAE uses FPS by Lonpac to protect students’ fees, and ensures that it complies with the requirements stated in CPE’s FPS Instruction Manual. Unless otherwise stated under the student contract, CAE services and pays the premiums for the FPS.

Under the Insurance Scheme, CAE

  1. advises the student of the insurance premium indicated in the contract, if any, and payable by the student, when the contract is signed
  2. ensures that the designated Admin Officer purchases insurance to protect the course fees paid by each student within 7 working days of the date of receipt of fees. The amount insured is clearly stated on the Certificate of Insurance (COI). The insurance coverage period commences from the fee payment date (and not the course commencement date), and the end date of coverage will be the next payment due date or the course end date. To ensure that an FPS insurance account is opened for each student, the College Director checks that the number of course fees paid to the school in each period is reconciled with the number of applications made to open FPS insurance for students
  3. notifies the student of the purchase of the Insurance to protect the fees paid
  4. retains a copy of the student’s COI
  5. The school takes special care to maintain an updated database and ensure that all recruited students are protected under FPS
  6. The school issues students with original receipts to acknowledge receipt of all fee payments. These receipts may be matched to the FPS for checking purposes, taking due account of monies that do not require to be fee protected (e.g. FPS insurance or GST)

For a complete reading of CAE’s policy regarding the FPS, click here. For more information on the fee protection scheme, visit www.cpe.gov.sg

Other Fees

CAE takes special care to ensure that the student contract includes a breakdown of all fees that are payable by a student for their respective course. Students will not be asked to pay additional fees for an item that is not indicated in the student contract.

Miscellaneous fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fee which the students pay only when necessary or applicable. These miscellaneous fees need not be protected but they will be reflected clearly in the student contract.

The school’s miscellaneous fees payable by the student are as follows:

* All fees are subject to GST at prevailing rates (7% as at 1 Oct 2017)