Can you overcome loneliness?

Can you overcome loneliness?

Picture sitting alone in a restaurant, watching everyone else around you. Imagine wanting to go out even to the movies but having no one to go with. Or just think of leaving work and going back to the same empty home night after night. For many this is life, and they live with the pain of loneliness.

Loneliness may just be a feeling and a state of mind, but it has the potential to impact every area of a person’s life as the pain and sadness that comes with it sets in. You have to find a way through it somehow. Many resort to cynicism and retreating but it is almost universal to all people that they need some social interaction.

Here are some quick fixes to fight loneliness:

Get out there!
Getting out in the world and meeting new people is one simple way that loneliness is overcome. Volunteering somewhere around people is one great start and a great way to help our community. Volunteers come from all walks of life, so this will be a way to broaden your social circle and provide opportunities to connect with people you otherwise would not have.

Dive in with both feet!
Overcome shyness and the obstacles it puts in front of you. Diving in with both feet is a great way to overcome a lot of anxiety producing fears, like social anxiety, so getting out there and doing the thing you fear is the fast way to overcome shyness and thus overcoming loneliness. This can be done many ways but joining organizations that focus on public speaking is one way, or teach a class in a subject you are familiar with. It builds confidence and introduces you to a whole new world of relationships.

Start small!
If jumping in with both feet is too stressful to think about, start small and build your way up. Go somewhere you feel comfortable and strike up a conversation with someone. Grocery stores have a long history of being the meeting point for couples in relationships. Start out small by suggesting an item or complimenting them on something. The next time you go out, pick someone else to speak to. Say just a couple sentences and down the road, you will find a lot more confidence and skill in social situation.

Some people may have other quick fixes to overcoming loneliness, but it’s always more helpful and preferable to understand why we are lonely so we can use that to look for a more powerful and meaningful cure.

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