Are you afraid of success?

Are you afraid of success?

Fear is a response to danger, pain, and undesirable circumstances. It is a primal, unpleasant emotion meant to protect us from threats of harm. Fear serves its purpose well but fear also can negatively affect our every day life. Not only can fear creep into your personal life but it can also adversely affect the success of your career.

  • Some people fear losing their jobs or livelihood. This is a common fear and can lead to anxiety about the future and security of their ability to provide for their family.
  • Some people fear that they will fail. Whether this is professional failure or business failure, the fear of failure is a powerful motivator that can drive people towards success or, at its worst, drive people to eventual failure.
  • Some people fear they are frauds and can’t perform to their expected abilities. This leads to imposter syndrome where people doubt their actual abilities to perform and succeed. This erosion of confidence can often debilitate otherwise very capable individuals.

The fear of failure itself can be a masquerade for a fear of success. While this may sound strange, many bright, capable people suffer from this. It is expressed in procrastination, anxiety, daily worries, and general insecurity. As a result, they might experience decreased decision making abilities, sleepless nights, eating disorders, or other physical and mental health related issues.

Some people fear success because they are afraid of the unknown, the extra attention that comes with success, or are simply afraid of the added responsibility that may come with it. Others may fear success due to a previous traumatic event and incidence.

The good news is there are ways to approach the fear and importantly, with Counselling Psychology, there are ways to understand and manage the problem in a sympathetic way.

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