Are you able to appreciate yourself?

Are you able to appreciate yourself?

Relationships often go on autopilot after a while. Honeymoon phases end and a certain routine sets in. It is quite normal, but for some it can be the beginning of the end of the relationship. One thing that can help keep a relationship alive and vital is appreciation. By learning how to appreciate your partner, and also yourself, you can keep a happy and healthy relationship going.

Appreciating your partner means taking the time and effort to show that you care, that you value this other person. That means making the conscious decision to do something special for that person. This does not mean grand sweeping gestures of love that cost thousands of dollars. This could be something simple as leaving a note taped to the bathroom mirror in the morning with a sweet message just for your partner or leaving a card in their car while they are at work. It does not have to be anything fancy, but it needs to show that you put some thought into making them feel good, for no other reason than to make them feel good.

As importantly, you need to appreciate yourself. A lot of what is talked about in relationships is focussing on the other person, and this article is no different. However, you need to focus on yourself as well. Being able to take care of yourself and show yourself appreciation means the same things it does for other people – do those small things that are special ways to make yourself feel better, smile, or lift your spirits even just a few moments. This also does not mean spending thousands. This could just be giving yourself permission to not worry about something for the day, or to go for a walk, be by yourself for a while. It could mean learning to also forgive yourself. Whatever it is, give yourself the love you give to your partner also.

It can be a hard balance being in a relationship, trying to take care of someone else’s needs and your own, and figuring out which to meet first. Doing the small things that show you care, that you are thinking about them, without any other motive will go a long way towards helping your partner and your relationship feel better, happier and healthier. The same goes for caring for yourself. Show yourself the same appreciation that you give to someone else. This will go a long way to helping your mood and helping to maintain the relationship as well.

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