Are children with ADHD always disruptive?

Are children with ADHD always disruptive?
When people talk about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can conjure up images of children misbehaving, being overly energetic, and being disruptive in class, home, or in public. It is a common imagery and misconception about people with ADHD. While it is can be true that children with ADHD can be disruptive, it is not always the cases that they are.

Children can often have ADHD and be otherwise quite indistinguishable from anyone else in class. They may get along well with their peers, and may have no other obvious signals that they may have ADHD.
A child with ADHD may be someone who sits quietly in class and looks present, but spends their time excessively daydreaming or even dozing off in class. It’s not so easy to see if a child is having issues focussing in class, and it could be an extended period of time before it’s noticable that the child starts presenting signs and symptoms. 
The inability to pay attention and focus are some of the notable issues faced by children with ADHD. It could mean a child who sits quietly in class but can’t pay attention to instructions or lacks the ability to absorb the day’s lessons. This can cause the child to slowly fall behind in school work, affect their grades, and may even make them associate learning with apprehension. They don’t always lash out, but can go through the day underperforming, and not knowing why. Some may end up wrongly thinking they are not smart.
It is this difficulty in seeing ADHD that allows children to enter adulthood with their ADHD completely unaddressed. Many of these adults really do go through life thinking that their problems is a result of their lack of intelligence, despite them being highly intelligent individuals.
When assessing a child for ADHD or other disorders, it is necessary to look at the entirety of the child’s life and activities, including the consistency of their behaviour in the classroom, at home, or during play in order to establish a pattern of behaviour.
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