Advanced Diploma in Psychology

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This is a 12-month Advanced Diploma in Psychology (ADIP) part-time programme covering a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and functional skills in psychology. The study of psychology will enrich students with an understanding of the behaviour, relationships and the workings of the human mind, which are relevant to many careers and professions. Students will learn social and cognitive development, human development and abnormal psychology.

Faculty School of Psychology
Programme Code ADIP
Intake TBA
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The ADIP programme begins by introducing students to the nature of psychology as a discipline and explaining the different research methods used by psychologists. The students will understand the different fields of psychology and apply psychological principles to individual, social and organisational issues.


10 Modules

Module 1 Introduction to Psychology
Module 2 Research Methods in Psychology
Module 3 Biological Psychology
Module 4 Cognitive Psychology
Module 5 Developmental Psychology
Module 6 Social Psychology
Module 7 Abnormal Psychology
Module 8 Educational Psychology
Module 9 Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Module 10 Health Psychology

Modules Synopses
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The programme expects candidates to complete individual and/or group written assignments, and/or written examination, depending on the modular criteria. Students must attend 75% of the classes to qualify for the examination.


For admission to the Advanced Diploma in Psychology programme:

For applicants who do not meet the above entry requirements, on a case-by-case basis, they may be required to take on bridging modules FIRST, before enrolling into this course.