3 more tips for managing classroom disruptions

3 more tips for managing classroom disruptions

One of the most challenging situations to deal with as an educator or parent of special needs children is classroom disruption. Disruptions impede the learning process and create additional stress for the child and other students.

There are various methods and approaches for managing disruptive classroom behaviours. In our previous article, we gave 3 tips. Now here are 3 more tips to help manage disruptions.

Being mobile
Moving around the classroom is a great activity to show the children under your care that you aren’t just there to be listened to. Move around to different children, give them encouragement, ask them about their tasks, and continue doing this so the children feel they are being actively involved and listened to.

Develop your routine
Havign a daily routine that you develop for your children will ensure they always know what is going to happen, and what is expected. This will give them a greater sense of security and comfort. Ideally this routine is something you actively involve and develop with the children under your care, so they know they are part of the routine.

Build relationships
Building a relationship with your students helps a great deal in how they see you, the educator or caretaker, and how they relate to you. Make sure you take some time to know birthdays, have celebrations of successes of the students, and make time so students can share things about themselves with you and with other students.

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