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Happiness can be defined in many different ways.

Aristotle saw happiness not as a state, but as an activity. Plato saw happiness as the fulfillment of a person's social function. In modern times, for some people, happiness is a state of mind. For others, it is personal achievement, wealth, fame, glory. For a great number of people, it's a word they haven't yet sat down to define for themselves. They go through their lives feeling lost, empty, perpetually searching for some meaning.

Counselling Psychology provides the means to understand the motivations and desires for ourselves and for others. Once we have this deeper understanding of ourselves and can clearly define what it is we are searching for, it becomes easier to work towards our own happiness.

Tell us how you define happiness and what has stopped you from attaining the happiness you should have!

College of Allied Educators offers our Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology programmes covering a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and functional skills to prepare and equip candidates with the ability to work effectively as counsellors.

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