Lecturers were insightful, engaging and lively

Koh-Hui-WenI would like to thank the college for attending and helping out with our concerns and questions and being so encouraging when I first signed up for the course.

A BIG thank you to all who had been absolutely wonderful and engaging, especially Ms Clara Lim (Child Psychology) and Mr Laurence Ho (Counselling).

They both shared very interesting insights and engaged us in a very lively way.

The lecturers delivered a wealth of knowledge from real world experiences

Having a special interest in the special needs line, I was extremely thankful to discover and attend the Advanced Diploma in Special Education course at College of Allied Educators.
The lecturers delivered a wealth of knowledge from real world experiences, helping me to more fully understand the courses. The modules I attended proved to be useful and relevant to my line of work. It was definitely a rewarding experience studying with College of Allied Educators.

I am glad to have the opportunity to study Diploma in Learning Disorder Management

I am glad to have the opportunity to study ‘Diploma in Learning Disorder Management
and Psychology’ in College of Allied Educators in 2015.

When I was undergoing the Learning Disorder Management module, I was inspired that
I, too, could make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Therefore, I decided to apply for an Allied Educator position in the non-private
sector. I was overjoyed to be successfully selected and offered the position. The
diploma course has indeed deepened my understanding in the areas of special needs,
language development, counselling and psychology. It has also helped increase my
confidence as a teacher-to-be.

Enjoying every class

wai-loonI am currently an Advanced Diploma In Special Education student and am enjoying every class.  I find learning from lecturers who are also current practitioners gives me the skinny on actual and current cases in the industry;  it is great to learn from people in the know.

Although my job (manufacturing) is far from the educational field, I find the whole learning experience self-enriching and it gives me a new perspective on things and situations.

The lecturers have been inspiring and informative


I have been studying a Diploma in Learning Disorders Management with the College of Allied Educators since November 2014.  From the moment I started this course, my life and in particular the direction I was heading, has taken on a new meaning. I have met some fabulous friends and we have supported each other through all of the hard work. The lecturers have been Inspiring and informative. Each module has taught me something new and provided me with the tools to use  this knowledge in a practical environment.

Finally, and most importantly, the course has helped me to focus on a new career and provided a new direction to my life.

College of Allied Educators projects a very good image

College of Allied Educators projects a very good image of a professional training institution. I was at this College in 2010 to enrich myself in Learning Disorder Management. I was very impressed by the way the Diploma course was conducted. Lectures were interesting and notes were well-prepared.
In view of its high standard of performance I decided to recommend such courses to be conducted in Johor Bahru, Johor. We have since conducted both certificate and diploma courses in Learning Disorder Management, Basic Couselling and Counselling Psychology. Many teachers, parents, caregivers and welfare organisation volunteers benefited from these courses.
Given the opportunity College of Allied Educators will definitely do well in the area of education.

I attended a course at College of Allied Educators

I attended a course at College of Allied Educators formerly known as Linguistic Council, that showed me the way forward to help children with learning differences. The lecturers are great, the people are friendly and most of all they really care about helping parents, teachers, coaches and aspiring adults to support not only their kids but all the kids that need their help… I would recommend everyone who wants to support these very special children to sign up … every child you help, is another child that will have a much better childhood and a much brighter future as an adult.

I first found College of Allied Educators

I first found College of Allied Educators when I was struggling to teach my seven year old daughter reading. I did a Certificate course and it opened the doors to the world of Special Needs. As I became more aware of people with different learning disablities and special needs through the course and the attachments I was sent to, I became passionate about working with children with special needs. As I struggled with helping my daughter (who was later diagnosed to have dyslexia) to cope with school, I wanted to help other children like her. I then made a decision to leave my banking career of 22 years and become a special needs officer with MOE.
Now I work in a Secondary school that includes children with various learning and behavioural disorders. I want to thank College of Allied Educators for being the first stepping stone in my new career which makes my life a more meaningful one.