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Suicide rates around the world are alarming. This has increased by 65% over the last 45 years, accounting for over one million deaths every year according to

Worldwide, there is one death every 40 seconds to suicide.

FouseyTUBE did a social experiment that had profound implications. When confronted by an impending suicide, he showed that during a moment of catastrophic personal crisis, other people were willing to help of their own accord. However, the alarming rate of suicides shows that people are falling through the gaps and those who will and can help, may not even know anything is amiss.

Credit: FouseyTUBE via Youtube

Would you know what to say in this situation?

Would you know what to do?

As an educational institution training people to detect the subtle signs of depression and cries for help from the people in our lives, we believe that training individuals, educators and community leaders in the necessary counselling skills for early intervention can make a huge difference in diverting potential tragedy.

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