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Early childhood trauma, and Post Traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) are treatable and may even be easily treatable at an early age. The problem is that children often do not have the ability to communicate their trauma in obvious or direct ways. Instead, educators and parents have to be mindful of behavioral indicators such as aggressiveness, excessive screaming, fear of adults or other children.

Play Therapy is often cited as one of the most effective treatments for children suffering from trauma or PTSD; with a number of articles and papers written about its efficacy. It allows children to tap into their natural play behaviour and gives children a healthy, safe, positive environment to develop in.

" as an essential experiential element of social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and psychological development."

- The Neurobiological Power of Play

Play Therapy allows children suffering from trauma to engaged in a form of communications appropriate to their development level and allows them to access and safely confront psychological or emotional conflicts that may be affecting them. Due to the efficacy of Play Therapy in helping to improve cognitive, and emotional development, it also works just as well for children who may not be reaching their full development potential.

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

College of Allied Educators offers the Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, training participants to effectively use therapeutic play skills to provide emotional and psychological support to children.

This certificate leads to our Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy, which accredits and recognises you as a Certified Play Therapist internationally.

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