THE MASTER OF ARTS PROGRAMME IS NOW OPEN (Special Needs & Inclusive Education)

Policy maker, principal, lecturer, academic director, adjunct professor...These opportunities (and more!) open up upon attaining your Postgraduate degree in the field of special needs and inclusive education.

This programme is designed for teachers or other professionals who have an interest in increasing their knowledge and skills in the field of special needs. The programme offers a comprehensive focus on contemporary debates within special and inclusive education including local, national and international policies and approaches.

It will allow you to explore values, policy, legislation, professional practice, personal development, academic research, and ultimately will support a future doctorate level study (Doctorate in Education or Educational Psychology or a PhD Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators).

Join us at College of Allied Educators to learn more about the Master of Arts programme.

(Special Needs & Inclusive Education)

Closing date for applications is 20 December 2016.

CALL US at 6533-2743 or EMAIL your enquiry to ENQUIRY@ICAE.EDU.SG

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