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There are many myths associated with counselling. Here are the top 3 worthy of mention:
  • Myth #1: Counseling is only for big issues
    Counselling is not restricted to just big issues. The majority of people who go for counselling are people looking for personal growth and development and may not actually be dealing with major problems. Counselling may even help prevent any issues from growing into larger ones.

  • Myth #2: People may judge me if they know I am seeing a counsellor
    An important part of a counsellor's job is to respect your privacy. Your confidentiality is assured and can only be requested with a court order in the most extreme circumstances. Without this level of trust, the counsellor will not be able to create an environment conducive to the sharing and development process.

  • Myth #3: Counsellors have all the answers to a person's problems
    Counsellors understand that every person and their situation is unique and requires different approaches. The approach used by the Counsellor will be tailored for each individual to realise their self development and growth.

Which ones did you subscribe to before you realised these were indeed myths and misconceptions?

College of Allied Educators offers our Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology programmes covering a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and functional skills to prepare and equip candidates with the ability to work effectively as counsellors.

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