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Everyone is searching for happiness, but it seems to elude so many of us. When you talk to people or do a search for happiness on the internet, happiness can essentially be distilled into 5 simple points:

  1. Letting go of problems
  2. Challenging negativity
  3. Appreciation for what we have
  4. Forgiveness for ourselves and others
  5. Committing to the Truth

However, that doesn't get you any closer to attaining happiness in your career, relationships and life!

You're left asking why you're still unhappy and why other people you know are just as unhappy. According to the United Nations World Happiness Report, at least 10% of the world's population suffers from mental health issues and depression. There are roughly 700 million people that desperately need happiness and peace in their lives.

In Singapore, our national happiness ranking is 30th globally and has actually fallen further!

Wikipedia: United Nations Happiness Report

Happiness is elusive for millions of people, but with the right training and skill set in counselling and psychology, you can unlock its secrets and find a path to happiness for yourself and others.

College of Allied Educators' GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY will teach you the skills and tools necessary to understand yourself at a deeper emotional and psychological level. You will earn the Graduate Diploma, recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), allowing you to help others as a professional counsellor in Singapore.

The 10 month Advanced Diploma and 15 month Graduate Diploma programme will introduce you to modules such as Family Therapy, Group Counselling, Crisis Intervention and Addiction Intervention before culminating in an industry practicum where we place you in public or private industry to give you practical experience before graduation.

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