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We assume the holidays are a universally happy time but the reality is that there are many people that suffer a great deal of stress and depression during this period. For many, it's a miserable time. There are many reasons for this but two stand out for potentially causing the most distress, misery and harm:

    Particularly as the year ends, people who have lost someone important may fall into melancholy and rumination over their loss. The loss can be from a loss of family member or break-up in a relationship. This is a time people assess the events of the year.

    The media innundates the public with happy scenes of friends and families having a good time together. The social sphere bustles with activity as people meet up with old friends, families come together in private and public. Even amongst people who are normally well adjusted and alone by choice, the holidays can shine a light on their isolation.

For those who may be estranged from family or have no means to be with their friends and loved ones, this period is an especially harsh reminder of their loneliness and can lead to acute depression in a period that should be filled with celebration and festivity.

If the negative emotions become severe enough, it's recommended that individuals seek professional counselling.

Counselling Psychology, Crisis Intervention

College of Allied Educators offers our Graduate and Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology programmes to train you to recognise symptoms of depression and formulate strategies to help yourself and others enjoy the holiday spirit free of debilitating worry and concern.

Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

College of Allied Educators' GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY will teach you the skills and tools necessary to understand yourself at a deeper emotional and psychological level. You will earn the Graduate Diploma, recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), allowing you to help others as a professional counsellor in Singapore.

The 10 month Advanced Diploma and 15 month Graduate Diploma programme will introduce you to modules such as Family Therapy, Group Counselling, Crisis Intervention and Addiction Intervention before culminating in an industry practicum where we place you in public or private industry to give you practical experience before graduation.


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