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It is an open secret that introducing children to phonics and phonetics at an early age can drastically increase their speech and reading ability by up to 28 months.

Phonics is a method for teaching children to read by sounding out letters and combining the sounds rather than by recognising symbols; and studies have shown this method to be very effective.

Utilising phonics and phonetics, educators can accelerate the child's abilities. As importantly, it provides early identification of learning disorders and gives educators and parents a huge head start in finding and implementing the correct measures to help the child realise their growth potential., Dr Marlynne Grant Quote on Phonics

The Instructor's Certificate in Teaching Phonics & Phonetics programme conducted by our college is a 3-month certificate course that develops participants' pronunciation and command of the English language and includes the study of speech articulators. Together, these will equip participants with the necessary skills and methodology to rectify speech language difficulties, and the ability to impart the knowledge of phonology and phonetics to children.

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