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Survivors of traumatic and crisis situations will individually try to cope in the best way they know how. Reactions, response and effects vary from person to person; some can get through the trauma alone while many may need counselling to help them through.

Some of the common reactions people have in response to crisis are:

  1. Survivors'Guilt:
    This is a condition where a person feels guilt having survived a traumatic event when other people did not. Symptoms include overwhelming guilt, anxiety and depression.

  2. Emotional Numbing:
    In order to deal with a traumatic event, some people become numb to emotional stimulii. This may make it difficult for them to connect with people emotionally and is usually a reaction to anxiety.

  3. Hopelessness:
    This is a condition where people may feel there are no solution to problems or situations may never improve. This is accompanied by general negativity to life and can lead to depression. At the extreme, it could potentially lead to suicide.

  4. Sleep Disturbance:
    This may come about in the form of nightmares or restlessness as a result of anxiety and fear over a traumatic event. Prolonged sleep disturbance has a profoundly negative impact on emotional, physical and psychological health and can lead to disruptions in other areas of day to day living and performance.

To be able to provide help to survivors of traumatic and crisis situations, it's imperative that counsellors know how to identify the various complex reactions, symptoms and conditions following these events. With the proper diagnosis and assements, counsellors can then determine the method and path to helping each individual in dealing with their particular issues.

Counselling Psychology, Crisis Intervention

College of Allied Educator's Counselling Psychology programme will train individuals in understanding the many different ways people try to cope and gives them tools to understand and help these individuals through their trauma.

Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

College of Allied Educators' GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY will teach you the skills and tools necessary to understand yourself at a deeper emotional and psychological level. You will earn the Graduate Diploma, recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), allowing you to help others as a professional counsellor in Singapore.

The 10 month Advanced Diploma and 15 month Graduate Diploma programme will introduce you to modules such as Family Therapy, Group Counselling, Crisis Intervention and Addiction Intervention before culminating in an industry practicum where we place you in public or private industry to give you practical experience before graduation.


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